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Weight Loss Power

6 Months To Transform Your Body And Lifestyle

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Together we will…

  • Pinpoint a way of eating that works perfectly with your unique self, preferences and schedule so that you feel empowered and energized to go forward.
  • Promote simple yet effective lifestyle habits that will put you on the path to sustainable weight loss without going on a ‘diet’ again.
  • Determine your best food options and easy meals to remove all your frustration. Learn to make healthy conscious decisions at home and when going out.
  • Create flexible eating plans so that you know how to organize for healthy eating and maximum enjoyment for years to come.
  • Select the best eating strategies and ensure your mindset stays positive in any situation in order to stay consistent for a regular weight loss.


What’s included

  • A 90-min initial assessment of your specific background, eating habits and health goals- Value, $200
  • 3 months of private coaching sessions to support you- Value, $900
  • 3 months of follow-up with 30-minute sessions to keep you on track- Value, $675
  • Customized meal plans and nutrition tips to get you motivated and stay organized- Value, $500
  • Review your favorite recipes & meals and seasonal recipes to keep you inspired. Value $200
  • Video calls and unlimited email support if needed- Value, Priceless

Weight Loss Power

6 Months To Transform Your Body And Lifestyle


One-time payment of $1,550

or 6 monthly payments, 3 payments of $300 and 3 payments of $250

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