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Slim Down Success

Lose Weight With No Deprivation

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You want to put an end to your dieting struggles and get practical answers to your real-life eating challenges. You are committed to real change and want to lose weight with no deprivation, knowing you are ready for a sustainable eating approach.

This 8-session Slim Down Program ensures you get knowledge and understanding of your nutrition needs as well as doable solutions for achievable weight loss and long-lasting lifestyle.


Together we will work closely so you can,

Pinpoint a way of eating that works perfectly for your unique self, preferences, and schedule so that you feel empowered and energized to go forward.

Improve your lifestyle flaws to better complement your food choices for a successful weight loss.

Determine your best food options and keep your favorite meals to avoid frustration. Learn to make healthy conscious decisions at home and when going out.

Make step by step changes to create sensible eating plans so that you know how to organize weekly for healthy and enjoyable eating.

Ensure your mindset stays positive in order to focus on what you can do every day to commit fully to your new habits.


What’s included in the Slim Down Success Program,

  • Health Goals and Food Intake Session (75 min): what's going on in your world? Value $125
  • Lifestyle and Eating Goals Session (60 min): practical steps you can take now to start improving your daily life and health. Value $100
  • Six Follow-up Sessions (60 min): what's going right, what's going wrong, and how to adjust to move forward and stay on track. Value $510. Note, as you go, you can book follow-up sessions as you need. For example, you can add a 4-session follow-up package ($300 or 10% discount) at the end of your Slim Down Program.
  • Customized meal plans and nutrition tips to get you motivated and stay organized. Free
  • Personal Recipes List, Handouts and Cheat Sheets, Access to Session Notes: all you need to be successful available on your client portal. Free
  • BONUS: customized solutions to cravings and common real-life situations (invitations, business trips...)
  • Unlimited Email Support and Option for Video Calls for convenient accountability.

Slim Down Success

Lose Weight With No Deprivation

PRIVATE Coaching

$635 ($100 sale)

or 2 payments of $330

COUPLE Coaching - Special 25% discount -

One-time payment of $940

or 2 payments of $485

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