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Breaking habits can be even harder than starting new habits — wouldn’t you agree?  Especially when those habits are related to your health.  If you tend to gravitate toward unhealthy junk foods, it can be a considerable struggle to change your eating habits to incorporate healthier items.

There are a few reasons why this is so difficult to do, and even better, there are several tricks you can implement to get over that hump.

Go gradually with your cutbacks

Junk food is loaded with sugar, and your body gets hooked on it. Start by cutting down on these junk foods that are currently in your diet. You’ll get less of a high from them, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your healthy eating goals. Start by gradually taking the sugar out of your coffee, or by switching out your snacks each day with a healthy snack.  Whatever small step you choose, stick with it until you’re comfortable with your new healthy habit then move on to your next healthy habit.  It works like a charm!

Break your bad habit cycles

If you always ventured to the vending machine at work in the mid-afternoon, break the association with that by starting a healthier habit. Take a walk that keeps you away from that vending machine, for example. It will only take a few weeks to replace that old bad habit with a good one, and you’ll be feeling so good about your swapped habit that you’ll be ready to tackle your next habit swap.

Don’t keep junk in the house

To make the switch complete, keeping those junky items out of your house is best. That way if you get a craving at midnight, you won’t be willing to run out and get it. You’ll train yourself to save sweets and treats for special occasions instead of for late-night snacks.

Allow yourself to be disgusted

A great way to make the change to eating less processed foods is to really learn what’s in them. Go ahead, pull those packaged foods out and research the labels. Look up all the ingredients, sometimes the list is way too long.  They sound much less delicious now, don’t they? Try to find the healthiest option possible of what you’re shopping for, the fewer ingredients and the more you can pronounce those ingredients, the better.

Make healthy foods more accessible

You’re more likely to eat right when you’ve got a healthy snack ready to go. Bag up portions of mixed nuts to eat with fruit, and keep cut-up veggies with hummus around and you’ll always have a healthy go-to snack.

Be patient and kind to yourself, too. Your inner voice needs your nurturing to make this change for the better.






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