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Posts by Flo Brudi

How to keep the stomach light?

Meals too rich, taken too quickly, industrial food … when the impression of having a weight on the stomach persists, this is time to react! Many Americans suffer from functional disorders of digestion with its attendant symptoms: bloating, stomach pains, abdominal cramps, or even transit problems. A lot of patients consult their doctor ​​because they…

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Five Effortless Tips to Help You Quit Overeating 

Whether it be emotionally charged, out of boredom, or pure mindlessness while at the table — overeating is something we’ve all done at some point. Our culture tends to overeat in general with larger portions than ever, but you’d be surprised how much smaller of a portion you can eat and feel satisfied.  Somewhere along…

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The Fork, a short story

Why am I so obsessed with the fork? For me, it is the most helpful ‘tool’ in the world when it comes to healthy eating. That’s the reason why I named my business Fork Story, because everyone has stories to tell about food. Here is the fork short story. The fork or small pitchfork, from the latin forca, has had a long history of nomadic…

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How to Go from Junk Food to Healthier Foods

Breaking habits can be even harder than starting new habits — wouldn’t you agree?  Especially when those habits are related to your health.  If you tend to gravitate toward unhealthy junk foods, it can be a considerable struggle to change your eating habits to incorporate healthier items. There are a few reasons why this is…

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Enjoyment, the Food’s Fourth Dimension

Portion. Superfood. Foods to avoid. Restaurant specials and food promotions. These words are among the most used ones in nutrition nowadays. It sounds very logical as we all have the tendency to first pay attention to claims putting quantity and price forward. We also may start thinking twice about food quality because of a punctual food…

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