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If it has to do with Healthy Eating & Weight Loss, I can Help!

Fork Story Final-16

Flo Brudi

Certified Nutritionist- Weight Loss Specialist

Stop Dieting, Eat Right for You

Is this your Current World?

I am so frustrated right now because after so many efforts I feel tired and hungry, this pair of jeans won’t fit and I don’t know what to eat anymore, especially when going out.

I am tired of dieting, I want to lose weight in a way that works for me and my life.

I can't get rid of extra pounds and stubborn belly fat.

The weight came back after I have tried some diet out there or worked out more

My medical doctor told me to lose some weight. And now what? I feel confused about how to make it happen.

I need to keep an eye on my eating habits and lifestyle because
Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Elevated Blood Sugar/Diabetes are a concern for me.


If you checked any of the above, you are in the right place.

First Things First...

Let's talk about your current eating challenges and health goals

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I'm Florence "Flo" Brudi, a Certified Nutritionist specializing in Weight Loss

It is my goal to teach you how to simply and successfully lose weight in a way that doesn’t involve deprivation, unrealistic recommendations, or magic pills.

I have supported many clients through personalized eating so that they can leave their dieting mindset in the past and reach their health goal thanks to solutions pinpointed to their schedule and preferences.

In today’s world of confusing diet overload information, it would be easy for anyone to rely on magic supplements and the last promising diet to manage weight loss. In fact, many of my clients have come to me after trying these commercial methods with deceiving results, regaining weight after an initial loss and still unsure about what to put on their plate.

All my life I’ve been interested in how the body functions and became fascinated with food, what’s ‘healthy’ and what’s ‘not healthy for the body to thrive. Within twenty-five years of working in nutrition with so many diverse people in my native country of France and later in the US, has resulted in a strong final belief. I became increasingly convinced that balanced approach to health and wellness without restriction is THE solution to long-term weight balance and optimal health. So I made a choice; I was going to be a ‘non-diet’ Nutrition Coach. This empowerment led me to study more to become a master-level Certified Nutrition Consultant with AFPA, American Fitness Professionals & Associates, in New Jersey.

These past five years, I have worked as a Weight Loss Nutrition Coach in Somerville, providing fully customized eating solutions and attentive care to many mid-lifers, men, women and couples. My clients are always excited to learn that they can take control of their weight, make empowered lifestyle decisions, and see sustainable results that don’t require extreme ‘one size fits all’ diet or any supplements. Just Food.

​A few fun facts about me...

When I moved from France to the United States in 2006, I discovered the donut and the bagel! Still like croissants though.

I am convinced that the fork is the most powerful tool ever! That's why I like hearing everyone's 'Fork Story'!

Every year I realize a personal challenge; I run my first 5K just before turning 50 (!) and last year I made my Pinot noir wine.

Traveling is my thing; I've been to almost 20 countries so far. Here in Jersey, my favorite place is Cape May.

There are so many tempting foods and drinks I want to try! I am a nutrition coach but I am not perfect and... that's ok!